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TeruhisaFukudaPicture2Teruhisa Fukuda’s Profile

Teruhisa Fukuda was born in 1949 in Nagano, Japan. He studied about Shakuhachi under the guidance of Baizan Nakamura and Kohachiro Miyata. He not only plays traditional Japanese music but also shows great interest in modern music. He is an active participant of a composer’s group and has introduced many new pieces in Sumi’s BANQUET, Ozaki, Uchikawa, and Ban’s “San”, Doi and Kaneta’s “Kaze”. He has also performed with numerous famous Japanese orchestras including the NHK Symphony Orchestra and Tokyo Symphony orchestra, and won high critical acclaim. He has also performed at prestigious performance sponsored by famous groups like the National Theater, New Nippon Steel Culture Foundation, Musical Foundation for Modern Music, and Japan Federation of Composers etc. In 2002, he created his own school called “Hijiri-Ryu” (school of sages), contribute to developing the modern music using shakuhachi. Especially in France, his performance has been highly praised and he has many pupils. In recent years he is active in the Asian regions such as China, Taiwan, and Korea. He has released several CDs including “ Shakuhachi Banquet” from America N.P.M, “Mysterious Sound” from California Legacy and “Esprits Animaux” from ALM Records.


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